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Named after the native people in Argentina.

Is not just another grill. It is two grills in one: you can use it as a Kankay XL or just in its tripod way

Our last creation!!! It came to change everything! Elegance, personality, versatility, durability: all concepts in just one grill!

This portable and completely disassembled grill made of 100% heavy duty iron is THE BARBECUE you need to create those unforgettable moments together with special wood fired flavors .

Perfect for a day camping or just a backyard barbecue or wherever the roads take you as it is a mobile grill.

The iron fire bowl has an easy access door to add charcoal or wood when needed in those all day long grill outs.

It comes with a 26 inches iron grill, 26 inch iron plancha/ grid, 10 inches fire bowl base, which can be used as a fire pit too. It also brings an iron skillet stand, an iron wood/ charcoal started basket, wood cutting boards, 3 iron chains allowing the grill to be suspended and 3 disassembled iron legs allowing different heights for the grill.

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