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Looking for things to do in The Atacama Desert in Chile? The lunar landscape of the highest non-polar desert in the world is not to be missed. With the world’s highest geysers, best night skies, salt flats, sand dunes, and flamingoes, this is a South American adventure you don’t want to miss
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Things to do in the Atacama Desert
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Laguna Chaxa
02:40 Laguna Miscanti and Miniques (Lagunas) Miscanti and Miñiques
04:20 Vicunas
04:46 Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna)
06:07 De Kari Peidro del Coyote
06:36 El Tatio Geysers
08:23 About the Tour
08:42 El Tatio Geysers Overlook
09:00 Drones in Chile
09:22 Tropic of Capricorn
10:07 Star Gazing
10:26 San Pedro de Atacama
11:31 Diego del Amagro Hotel
11:51 Tocaño and Socaire

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